10 Easy Ways To Improve Soil

The best gardens start with the best foundations. Without quality soil, your garden will not thrive. There are several great things you can do to improve your garden soil to help make any soil perfect for growing your own fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

When it comes to healthy plants everything you can do for the soil is a step in the right direction.

Easy ways to improve your garden soil

1. Till organic matter in to improve soil drainage

If you are looking for how to improve soil drainage you will want to take the time to till organic matter into your soil. The more you add organic matter to your soil the most you can improve your garden soil over time. Great options for tilling into your soil to improve drainage include:

:: Old mulch

:: Grass clippings

:: Dead plant stalks

:: Fall leaves

2. Use compost to improve soil

Compost will replace missing nutrients in your soil. Composting has been proven to remove contaminants and break down organic matter into nutrients vital for a thriving garden.

Compost will improve your soil by fighting soil detention and balancing the bacteria in your spoil preventing diseases from damaging your garden. Some items can be tossed directly into your garden to compost in the soil including coffee grounds and banana peels.

3. Grow beans and lingams or ground over to fix the nitrogen in your soil

Planting beans and lingams is a great way to improve the nitrogen in your soil and avoid soil depletion while proving your family with food. For more decorative areas try growing a nitrogen enriching ground cover like clover.

At the end of the season till the plants into your garden and allow them to break down in the soil over the winter.

4. Add worms to improve soil drainage and nutrients in your soil.

Grab a container of earthworms next time you head by the bait and tackle shop to improve your garden soil. These are beneficial to your garden because they will dig holes in the soil for your plant’s roots and leave behind casings that feed your plants and the grow through the wormholes.

5. Add rabbit poop to your garden soil as a strong fertilizer

One thing that surprises many gardeners is that rabbit poop makes an amazing fertilizer. In fact, unlike other dung fertilizers, rabbit pellets do not need to age before being placed in your garden.

If you do not have a pet rabbit ask around and see if you have a friend that has one and is willing to give you the old bedding

6. Add calcium to your garden

Adding calcium to your garden is vital if you are growing things like tomatoes that need the aid of a strong stalk to thrive. You can see a full list of ways to add calcium to your garden here.

For a quick fix pick up some gypsum from your local garden supply shop to add fast-dissolving calcium to improve your garden soil.

7. Use your flat beer in your garden

Have been leftover from your last big party? You can use that flat beer in your garden for a number of things including improving the healthy bacteria in your soil. This is a great free fertilizer.

8. Rotate crops to protect and improve soil quality

Growing some crops like potatoes can really damage your soil. These heavy-demand crops pull nutrients from the soil and growing the same crop in the same bed season after season can leave your plants starving. Rotate crops to improve your soil and enjoy the added benefit of disease control for your garden.

9. Add peat moss to clay or sand heavy soil

If you have really heavy clay or sandy soil you can improve the quality of the soil by mixing in peat moss. This fluffy moss will bulk up your soil while giving nutrients to your plants while it breaks down over time.

As you continue to add compost and organic matter to your soil you will see the composition change until you are left with a mostly fertile well-draining soil.

10. Opt for natural pest management to protect soil quality

With all of the hard work, you have put into your garden you do not want to damage your soil with chemical pesticides and herbicide options. Look for natural ways to deal with pests that will not leave your soil damaged.

Insecticidal soaps can get rid of many unwanted pests like Aphids and leafminers while improving the service tension of water in your soil making it easier to travel deep into the ground. This can improve your soil drainage while dealing with pests.

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