Fun Ways to Use Glow Sticks

Summer jjust is not the same without glow sticks

Glow sticks are just a part of summer for most kids. Something they stay up late to wonder at the neon glow. They are fun for kids and pretty cool to learn about how they work. We had so much fun learning and playing with the kids all night. It is so much fun spending time with the kids learning and playing with glow sticks.

This video explains how glow sticks work. A great way to add a bit of chemistry to your children’s day.

Ways to learn and play with glow sticks.

:: Sensory bin or bath is a great way to use glow sticks for younger kids. Just toss them in and let the kids have fun.

:: Fill balloons for a glowing party. Pop a glow stick into party balloons before blowing them up for several hours of night time fun.

:: Create your own starry galaxy by cutting open glow sticks and splattering the contents all over paper plates. This creates a swirly spotted galaxy each child can hold as it glows on.


:: Have a pretend camp out for the night in the living room. Build a blanket fort, grab the glow sticks and have a bit of fun. Life is short so climb in with them, read stories, eat bacon smores, and just enjoy some quality time with your kids. They will remember.

:: Fairy jars are easy to make with a bit of glitter, a few glow sticks, and a spare jar. Dump the glitter into the jar, cut open a few glow sticks and shake up for a glowing night light jar kids love.

Anyone remember fairy jars? We finally did them.

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Learn and grow all night with glow sticks

:: Glow bubbles were very popular a couple years ago and they are still just as cool. Cut glow sticks open and drain the fluid into your bubble solution. This is for older kids because of the slight risk that you will find bits of glass in the solution. To avoid this make a slice on each end to allow the liquid to flow out.
:: Paint the entryway to the house for a night time party. This is another one for big kids. cut the sticks open and used them to draw glowing designs along the entry path.
:: We had this cute ring toss set up from Mother Goose Time with fish for fathers day in the really cute celebration pack. Fishing is not really Jeremy’s cup of tea. I love how you can customize the program to fit what works for you. We decided to turn it into a glowing ring toss and it was a hit. We placed a few glow sticks into the water bottle and cut a glow stick open to painting the small paper plates that we cut and colored into red, white, and blue rings.


Learn and play with glow sticks.

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