How To Help Children Cope With Big Changes

Today our country is beginning to take the first steps to drastic changes we have never seen before. Many families are seeing a direct effect from school closures to canceled events. Children are left confused, frustrated, and upset. And all for good reason. Their little lives are being turned upside down. The good news is there are things we do to help our children cope with these changes.

When my husband was in the Army they were all about building resilient kids that can handle change. This has been a major asset in our lives as the years have gone by. these tips are some of what we do to help our kids cope with major changes.

Be honest with your child

No this doesn’t mean telling them just how scary the situation is but children need to feel they know what is going on. It will help them understand that there are reasons behind the actions adults are taking. If you are reading this in connection to the coronavirus tell your child that there is a very scary germ going around and that the steps adults are taking is to protect them.

Talk to your child about their feelings

Talk to your child often and validate their feelings. They are bound to be upset, angry, or flat out depressed when life gets flipped upside down. To help them move past these feelings quickly you need to acknowledge them and allow your child to experience these emotions before trying to move on. This will help them bounce back.

Don’t make promises

As parents, we have the urge to try and make everything better. Resist making promises of things just to make them happy. This can work for a moment but when the truth comes out not only will they be upset again they will have less trust in you as a parent. that trust is vital for helping your child through life’s challenges.

Offer plenty of distraction

Keep your kids busy with fun activities and such. This will keep them from feeling the changes as harshly. If you search this site you will find plenty of great ideas from sensory playdough to printable activites and spring kids crafts.

Coronavirus day 2: The panic grows and life is changing. Our nation has gained over 400 new confirmed cases today and our state has risen to 12 cases. It has finally caught my sister’s attention and I am assuming the attention of many more. I expect things to go downhill from here and we are ready for it.

Today the kids helped me prep fresh food from yesterday for the freezer and we spent some time cleaning. and are focusing on keeping life normal with homeschooling while the world beyond these walls goes crazy.

We need to venture out for more milk and such tomorrow but will otherwise be staying home besides my husband going to work. Today I ordered spare filters for our water pitcher, a couple more cloth diaper covers as some of our stash is missing and I want to be ready should they be needed, and some more children’s allergy medication in case it becomes hard to get. I am ready for what is coming as I can be. One day I will look back on these entries and laugh.

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