How to Protect your Family this Flu Season

It has gotten cold quickly. With the cold came a whole host of germs as families moved to indoor activities in crowded areas. In our area, Norovirus and Hand, Foot, and Mouth was going around. It spiked as soon as the first snow storm hit. The beginning of the year is often packed with outbreaks as immune systems break down

How to Protect your Family this Flu Season

Protect your family by building strong immune system.

The first step to protecting your family is to build strong immune systems. Building a strong immune system gives your family the power to fight off illnesses. You can stop many in their tracks before anyone begins to feel symptoms and if they do get sick the illness is quicker and milder than it would be with a lower immune system.

A great place to start is with a good probiotic. Probiotics are good bacteria that keep your body healthy and fight off the bad. Probiotics keep your body balanced and destroy bad bacteria that get into your body. By starting them before you get sick you set your body up with an amazing tool for fighting off illnesses.

Boost your family’s immune system with Elderberry. Elderberry can be made into syrup, jelly, and even gummies to give your family each morning. Elderberry is extremely powerful and has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system. They are also a very cost effective option as you only need a little to get the effect you are looking for.

Give each member of your family a multivitamin to keep their bodies working in tip top shape. When picking a vitamin you may think you should look for vitamin C but, you should really be looking for vitamin D3 to give your families bodies a much-needed boost. You need to ensure that your vitamin covers all of the basics that may be lacking in your diet like calcium.

How to Protect your Family this Flu Season

Build healthy habits to protect your family in flu season.

Wash hands and do it often hands pick up germs where ever you go. Touching doorknobs and shopping carts, and everything else that is touched all day long by person after person. By training your family to wash hands often you are reducing the number of germs that make it into your loved one’s bodies.

Teach children to regularly clean their space at home and when out of the house. A disinfectant wipe to wipe down tables, crayon boxes, books, bags, and other tools they carry around will help reduce the number of germs they come by. They should do this at least once a week.  If someone is sick encourage more cleaning than usual.

Teach your children to avoid sick friends. When a friend is coughing or sneezing, or complaining of a fever stay back to avoid picking up the germs. With attendance laws, kids really can not stay home when sick anymore.

Fight off germs after exposure

Give defusing germ-killing essential oils a try in your home at the end of each day. Diffuse these oils, add them to homemade cleaners to give them germ killing power. Even dilute and apply topically.

Clean, clean, clean. When others around you are falling ill or illness has worked its way into the house clean well daily to prevent the spread and even reinfection of common illnesses.

Keep tissues and hand sanitizer handy in each room for helping slow the spread of germs.

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