Make and Play Icicle Dancing Ribbon

The creativity and ingenuity from Mother Goose Time leaves me particularly amazed. The winter themes have both been or favorites so far. So much fun to be had while we work through the holidays.

This year we got to enjoy the winter in the woods theme. This project was from the day we learned about ice cycles as we weathered through a snowstorm with a whopping 10 inches of snow and plenty of ice cycles to see.

I would never have thought of these Waldorf style dancing ribbons for this lesson. Nor would I have thought to make them with materials I could up-cycle.

Make and Play Ice-cycle Dancing Ribbon

This Waldorf Style Up-cycle Dancing Ribbon

This one was made with new materials. Mother Goose Time sent everything we need cut out and ready to go. All I had to do is burn the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying and give the kids some glitter glue.

This is why we LOVE Mother Goose Time. It just makes it so easy for me to manage teaching the kids, running a business, and a home.

For this one you need a large ring made of cardboard. Up-cycle a box. Decorate this ring in whatever way makes your child happy.

Tie on about two feet of ribbon to the ring.

Make and place icicle dancing ribbon

Make and Play

Encourage your child to dance with the ribbon pretending it is an icicle.

This is a great way for children to get to express themselves and have fun.

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