How to Start Prepping

So much is happening in our world right now. Uncertainty, violence in the streets, natural disasters hitting left and right, and a rough winter ahead means prepping is more important now than ever. Here is how to start prepping.

Prepare your family for the worst

Preparing your family for war with Basic Emergency Kits.

War is scary it rips apart homes, communities, and families. Entire nations are destroyed and sadly we are nearing the possibility of a war on our own soil. Preparing now will give us the best chance at making out alive in the end.

3-day minimum: Prepare basic emergency kit packed with everything you will need for several days. You need the basics like food, water, and medical supplies. You will find yourself in need of packing specialty kits for pets and babies with extras they will need.

On the go: Each member of the family will need a bug out bag. Similar to the in-home emergency kit this one needs to be lighter and ready to go with you FAST! It needs to be well stocked and light. This is where you would best benefit from getting water purifiers or filters from the camping section instead of carrying gallons of water with you.

Build a stockpile to prepare your family for war.

Couponers know the value of a stockpile. Now it is time, we as a nation take the lead from them.Grab the Sunday paper and fire up the printer. It is time to build a stockpile of basics your family will need should things take a turn for the worst. Start filling bins and shelves with shelf stable foods, Basics your family will need to survive, Personal care products, cleaning supplies, and anything else your family uses on a daily basis.

Have you ever lived where a natural disaster has hit you? When things go bad stores will not be able to provide you with everything you need. You have to gather the items your family needs now and still leave funds available for your usual needs. Watch sales, coupons, and even free samples.

Worried about the future? Start prepping now before it's too late.

Prepare a Victory Garden

Yes, it is winter so you can’t do much but you can prepare for your own victory garden to provide your family with food. Grab some seed that store well and some books on how to grow your own food. Learn to compost and care for soil. Become self-sufficient.

Learn dying basic skills

Learn to build what you need. Fix broken things. Bake your own bread and can your own foods. Yes, these skills are no longer necessary but one day you may not have the option to walk into the store for what you need. Learn how to make what you need now before you are stuck paying someone that did.

Protect your family

Build up your home making it safer and stronger. Get a weapon and learn how to use it. Pray you never have too.

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