How To Talk To Your Kids About The Coronavirus

Talking to my oldest about the daily updates in the news and how this will be something she will one day be talking to her children about I realized that not all families are telling there kids what is going on. I am so used to the openness in our family that it didn’t even dawn on me that parents may be hiding this. So how do you talk to your kids about the coronavirus / Covid 19?

Explain to your child what a virus is.

Before you try to explain to your child what is going on in the news start by making sure they understand what a virus is and how it spreads. If you have Netflix turn on Brain Child episode #2 for your child. This explains what bacteria and viruses are as well as how they spread and useful ways they take part in our every day lives.

If your child needs hands-on or a visual lesson grab a blacklight. Have your child put their hands in flour or corn starch and go around touching things. Use the blacklight to show how the “germs had spread.” Now is a great time to teach your kids to wash their hands.

Help your child be resilient.

All of these changes can be scary and frustrating for children as they are for us. Take time to spend time with your child doing things that make them happy. This can help your child become resilient so they can bounce back from this happier than ever before due to new connections with you.

Talk to your child about food shortages.

Perhaps one of the biggest struggles many parents are having right now is talking to our kids about why meals are different and we have to ration food during these food shortages. with the kids home all day they want to snack more. Be honest with your child that items in the stores are limited and any stock in your home has to last. Have them help you create a daily menu and make new dishes from scratch using what you have found to help feed your family. Make it fun and involve your children as much as possible to make it easier to cope with the changes.

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