Kid Safe Essential Oils: How To Safely Use Essential Oils on Kids

Essential oils are all the rage in the natural health community. The use of essential oils is spreading like wildfire. In turn so are unsafe practices like ehhmmm raindrop therapy. Today I am going to introduce you to safety practices you need to know for using essential oils around your children. My babies are my world and my essential oils are a valuable tool in keeping them healthy.  The hard part is that if you don’t use oils in a safe way you can be doing your child more harm then good.

Some oils like peppermint and eucalyptus can lead to the lungs closing up.  Due to this may popular oils like Thieves and On-guard are unsafe for use around young children.  Lucky for us Robert Tisserand the leading Essential Oil safety expert has created a line of essential oils that are safe for kids.

Kid Safe Essential Oil Blends

Plant Therapy‘s Kid-Safe Essential oil line takes the guesswork out of choosing blends that are right for our children.  With options like A+ Attention, Ban the Bugs, and Better Than Kisses you can find a blend that will help with pretty much any issue you are facing without questioning the safety of the essential oil blend. Plant Therapy is starting to change labels so that every safe for children Essential oil has a little label to let you know.

What if I need a Kids Safe Essential Oil Right NOW?

When in doubt use Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender is the safest and least likely to create any sort of reaction. It is also the most versatile oil you can have in your stock as it can be used for pretty much everything.

Always dilute essential oils

The number 1 essential oil safety rule you need to follow with children is to always dilute essential oils. Little livers cannot process the oils well creating toxic overload when undiluted oils are used.  using undiluted essential oils also runs the risk of creating sensitivities. Some Essential oil sellers will tell you the oils they sell are so pure they have no possibility to harm you but the truth is that these oils are concentrated essences of plants. If you have an allergy to a plant it is safe to assume you will react to they concentrated essential oils as well. Continuously using undiluted essential oils can lead to sensitivities even with the simplest of oils like Lavender.

Do not have your child ingest essential oils.

I could sit here and tell you until I am blue in the face but no matter what I say someone will decide I am wrong. The ingestion of essential oils is a hot topic and the fact is everyone sees it a different way. So I suggest before you make the choice to ingest essential oils do this simple experiment for yourself. Take a plastic water bottle. Now place a few drops of essential oil on to the plastic. Use an oil like Lemon or Oregano to get a true understanding. Let it sit for an hour or so then go back to the bottle. Wipe any oil off and look at what happened to the bottle. Now imagine that going down your throat or sitting in your intestines.


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