Why Should You Compost

Composting is growing in popularity and for good reason. I used to not see the importance in a compost bin back before I started really thinking about the impact my large family makes on the environment. After doing my research it didn’t take long to see the benefits of composting and why everyone needs a compost bin. Composting really fits in with the green lifestyle we are trying to instill in the children.

Why Should You Compost

Why you should compost.

Composting sets a great example for our children. When they are adults the world will be even worse off than it is now and instilling habits for a better world in our children now is a great way to help the future of our planet. So I picked up a big bin and a copy of Compost Stew and added this important lesson to our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Unit Study that is just perfect for Earth Day.

Composting is great for reducing your overall carbon footprint. Composting breaks down toxins rather than letting them back out into the world around you. Taking the time to compost can purify the things you toss in by breaking down chemical compounds during the composting process. Every item you compost skips the trip to the landfill where it would break down slowly releasing greenhouse gasses.  Composting improves the overall health of the soil and the earth.

More than half of the world’s trash is food waste and this makes up the majority of your compost bin. One of the basics of a no-waste kitchen is diligent composting. Instead of sending food waste from your kitchen to the trash you can compost it. This will keep food scraps out of your kitchen trash can so it can go out less wasting less plastic bags because you do not have to remove it to deal with unpleasant odors. Composting will keep your kitchen smelling cleaner. Keep a sealed compost container on your counter to make collecting food scraps easy for the whole family. When cooking toss scraps into this container or a large bowl on your counter so you can keep your kitchen clean before taking out the compost.

“Why should you compost? Simply put it will change the way you think about trash and the way you help your garden thrive”

What are the benefits of composting?

Turning your home waste into compost is great for saving money on your garden. The cost of commercial compost and fertilizers add up fast. A quality compost bin will pay for itself in a few short months. You can save even more money by making your own compost bin or even just start with a large compost pile if you have the space for it away from your home.

Quality compost can help build the best garden soil. While your compost bin is helping reduce the waste coming out of your kitchen it is helping fill your garden with amazing healthy nutrient rich soil. Commercial fertilizers often leave behind unwanted Chemicals. Store bought soil additions can often contain non-organic fillers like plastic chips. This is designed to improve the drainage of the soil but the same effect comes from your compost bin when small twigs and woodchips do not fully break down. Be mindful of what to put into your compost and the end result can be amazing.

The liquid that seeps from your compost bin can be collected and used as a liquid fertilizer. This is a great way to give your garden a nutrition boost quickly even before your compost is fully ready to use. This will only work if you are using a compost bin rather than a pile but the end result is worth it.

You should compost because it will improve your overall well being

Composting adds nuances to your soil that in turn adds them to your food. Simple composting can add calcium and other important vitamins and minerals to your food making what you grow in your garden more nutritional than commercially grown foods. Commercially grown food often comes from depleted soil making our food source less valuable to the human body. Your garden will produce food that is good for you.

Composting improves the soil so much that the roots of plants dig deeper helping to prevent soil erosion and allowing plants to soak up water from deeper in the ground. Composting will help you save money on your water bill when you need to spend less on your water bill to help your garden thrive.

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