Literacy Grab Bags with Mother Goose Time

When Mother Goose Time announced the new magnet story pieces I knew I had to find a way to really make them shine here in our homeschool. The old store pieces where well an annoyance to say the least. Now our new school room has a closet I get to store things out of toddler reach and make them last longer. These literacy grab bags where the perfect way to highlight the Book of the Month and the great tools that go with it all month long and well all year long.

Literacy grab bags for preschool Mother Goose Time

Our literacy grab bags

We are not diving into the September box of Mother Goose Time until after we settle and start the new school year in our new classroom but I am so happy to dig into planning and checking out the new features like the new teacher guides.

At Walmart last night in anticipation for the delivery of our September box I grabbed an 88 cent cookie sheet to use as our magnet tray. They work on both front and back of it giving plenty of room to play while still fitting into a 2.5 gallon zipper bag with the puzzle, and book. I am thinking about adding in the file folder game if it holds up well.


These will be stored in the school room closet and we will have a full collection by the end of the year. The rule will be that it can only be used in the school room one at a time so that everything will be kept safe from the distraction my kids are so good at when I turn my back for a moment. Two toddlers can do some damage to paper materials when mama is busy.

While I will be showing you more goodies in this box and a sneak peak at the add-ons over the weekend check out this Whats in the Box from Chaos on the Creek for the basic run down of the box.

Literacy Grab Bags


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