Little Red Riding Hood and the Lonely Wolf

It’s no secret we love Mother Goose Time. We would not have signed up for a 2nd year as ambassadors, right? Yep you read that right we are officially on our 2nd year of Mother goose Time and I feel even better about endorsing them.

One thing we love is the great books they send us each month. This year Mother Goose Time is living up to their expectations and taking it a step further. The September book is Little Red Riding Hood and the Lonely Wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Lonely Wolf. Exploring loneliness through literacy.

About Little Red Riding Hood and the Lonely Wolf.

This is a fairly new book and I can’t find it in stock anywhere right now. I suspect Amazon will have it soon after the September boxes are done being ordered. If you don’t have a copy and can’t wait you can grab one included in the September Mother Goose Time box.

Trust me you WANT this book. Little Red Riding Hood and Lonely Wolf is a twist to the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

This book explains at a child’s level the deepness of the emotion on loneliness and how we can help those that are lonely. This makes a great story to talk to your child. Use this opportunity to talk about including everyone even when some people like them have done bad.

This book comes at a great time for our world with the political unrest and severe issues we face day to day. Just because some people are bad does not mean all that are similar are too.

Mother goose Time is including cute puzzles this year and I just loved seeing the girls play with it while we read the story. Young ones often do lesson better while their hands are kept busy. I have decided to store the book and the puzzle together in a file folder so we will have them for a long time.

Talk to your child as you read Little Red Riding Hood and the Lonely Wolf.

As you know I am a huge fan of talking to children while reading books. It helps children develop reading comprehension and is a great way to help your child pick up the lessons the book has to offer.

Ask your child about what it would feel like to be the wolf.

  • Have you ever felt lonely?
  • What made you feel better?
  • How can you help a lonely person feel better?

Tak time to discuss how the wolf is different any why he gets treated different.

  • Do you know anyone that is different?
  • How do people treat them less than they deserve?
  • How could you help this person feel welcome?

In today’s world, these are hard things we are facing in our world today. Since 9-11 we as a nation have been struggling with treating people the way they deserve to be treated for who they are rather than who someone with something in common to them is.

Books like this help us see the difference and be the change. The way to turn the tide is to raise our children to be wise like Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Lonely Wolf. Learn about friendship, differences, and how fear leads to exclusion. Kinda deep for a children's book #

Take it further and check out our wolf unit. I have to admit having had the privilege to meet these creatures up close and personal they get miss treated because of OUR fear. Having been licked by one. I can tell you we over react and miss treat these creatures.

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  • Marcie W. says:

    The Mother Goose Time boxes sound great! I love the books, as well as the recommended discussion questions.

  • Danielle says:

    My kids would absolutely love this! I’ve never heard of Mother Goose Time, but will have to check it out for sure.

  • Chelley @ A is For Adelaide says:

    This book sounds amazing! Millie is almost 2 and I think we need to be exploring emotions with her a bit more- she can be well… 2.

  • Stsphanie Rose says:

    I love the subject of this book and really love that it helps kids identify emotions. I think that is so important to teach at an early age. I’ll definitely look into getting this book.