Pack your Summer Baby To-Go Bag

We have a baby in the family… again. Our cute squishy baby arrived just in time to join us for summer. When you have a little one getting out the door for play dates and park trips for the older children can be a challenge. Toss that new baby into a home with 4 other children and you soon realize you always need to be ready to go, go, go. To truly take advantage of summer fun you need a Summer Baby to-go Bag so, at least baby will be ready to go out once you find your toddlers shoes…again.

Be ready for adventure with your Summer Baby To-Go Bag

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What you need in your Summer Baby To-Go Bag

Sun protection is vital for your baby. Depending on the age of your baby this could mean sunshade and UV protective clothing. For older babies over 6 months of age toss in a natural sunscreen to help protect your babies sensitive skin while they play and enjoy the sunshine this summer.

Always keep a change of clothes in your summer baby to-go bag. While it may be warm enough to go without clothes for your little one just might not get that lucky and baby WILL get messy at some point. They always do.

Be sure to keep some easy to clean toys to entertain your little one in your bag. Sometimes the activities you head out to do will not have anything to keep your little one busy so coming prepared can save you a lot of heartbreak.

Feeding supplies and snacks. This one is really easy for formula feeding mothers. You can keep a bottle with a serving of formula in your bag and a fresh water bottle to mix formula on the go. If you are breastfeeding you can store a bit of your supplies in your Summer Baby To-Go Bag allowing you to breastfeed with confidence on the go. IF your baby is on solids pack some snacks so your little one will have something to munch. Don’t forget to toss in a healthy snack or two for yourself to keep up energy for chasing little ones.

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Diapers and wipes are vital. Even if you choose to give cloth diapers a try you may find that your summer to-go bag is better off stocked with disposable diapers you can toss rather than carry a poopy diaper through the zoo on a 90-degree day.

Be ready for any summer adventure by packing a baby carrier so you can have an extra set of hands with baby whenever you need them. Likewise a light weight blanket or flat sheet is perfect to keep in your Summer Baby To go Bag for everything from providing your baby with shade to making a comfy place for your little one to sit and play protecting them from the dirt and bugs.

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