How to Make Extra Money While Breastfeeding

When I have a new baby I find myself spending insane amounts so time sitting around doing nothing while breastfeeding. I hate feeling like I am not getting anything done. I always have to feel like I am doing my part so while nursing my son I dove into finding ways to work from home, gather freebies to cut our costs, and coupon from the computer while I breastfeed him. While initially meant to help me make extra money while sitting and cuddling my sleep nursing baby I found my future career. Today we are going to talk about the many ways you can earn extra money while breastfeeding.

How to Make Extra Money While Breastfeeding

Surf rewards programs to earn money while breastfeeding

Online rewards programs like Swagbucks, and InstaGC is a great way to earn extra money just clicking away while your baby is nursing. This is like a gateway. You get started earning with simple clicks, watching videos, and doing easy surveys from your phone and get hooked to seeing improvement in your finances while lounging on the sofa. Whenever I do an offer I check between the two and see which rewards site will pay me more.

Give investing from your phone a try

Investing in the future with simple investing anyone can do. A great way to earn extra money is to get started with easy low cost investing. I love the easy of playing on the Stash App reading about each stock I can buy and how they have been performing over time.  This is great for when I am laying in bed nursing baby and gets me a lot more money than scanning facebook for the hundredth time in the day.

Sell what you don’t need

Clear out clutter by posting items you want to get rid of on sites like listia where you can trade your unwanted items for credits you can use to buy what you want or trade for gift cards. The best part is you never have to meet up with anyone so you can sit back relax and nurse that baby.

Start your own business

Start your own side hustle. What do you have a talent for? Time spend breastfeeding is great for aspiring writers, bloggers, virtual assistants and many other online activities. During the weeks after your baby is born, you may find the perfect fit that would allow you to stay home. You might not, that’s ok too, but why not try?

Make Extra Money While Breastfeeding

Sell your breastmilk.

It may sound weird but if you have a strong supply you can earn money selling your extra breast milk. I personally can not get my body to respond to a pump but many moms make as much as $3 an ounce selling breastmilk online to parents that can not breastfeed, cancer patients, and even bodybuilders.

Things to remember

While you may never get rich while snuggling your baby nursing you really can help make a dent in your families finances. I started this while nursing my second child because I felt like I was not doing enough for our family. I had worked with my oldest and I knew the cost of her formula was a lot and breastfeeding my son saved money, but I still had that guilt.

Years later I have breastfed more babies and built that side hustle up into a real business. When I think back to how this would not have even been an option for me had I not given something new a try while breastfeeding my baby I would not be where I am now. I just wish I had never stopped once my baby was done nursing or my business would be even bigger now.

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