Places you Forgot to Clean

I am just beside myself waiting to rip down the plastic throw open the windows and start spring cleaning. I have started a list of all the little nooks and crannies hat have gone way too long undone. Each day I work through one of them waiting for the big cleaning day to come.

Great list of places you forgot to clean

When you start listing all of the odd places you don’t really clean you get a bit surprised at how fast the list grows. As I work through my own list I find myself wondering how I have let these things go so long without noticing. How did I really forget to clean that?

Places you forgot to clean

In the bedroom

Dresser drawers. The kids are in charge of putting their own laundry way. I never SEE the bottom of the drawers as we always have them refilling. We pulled out the drawers one dresser at a time and dumped them. I found all kinds of odds and ends. Missing toothbrushes, enough crayons to supply a preschool, blocks, even a pair of my glasses. (I think the two-year-old had something to do with that one.) After getting everything out I wiped them out and sprayed in a disinfectant.

Behind the dressers. Really how often do you move those big heavy dressers? You would be surprised what falls behind them. The number of books, markers, toys, and other thin items I found under and behind was astonishing.

Between the mattress and the box spring. I have no idea how so much gets there but crumbs, dust, pencils and many other random things end up between the two.

In the kitchen

Under the kitchen sink. No one likes this job but giving it a good cleaning is a great way to cut down on mold and mildew in your home. Line under your sink with a trash bag for easy cleaning next time. Put cleaning supplies or other items used daily under your sink. (If toxic do not forget the child safety lock.) By placing things you use often under the sink you will know when it needs to be cleaned and keep an eye out for leaks.

Hoge list of things you forgot to clean

The top of the fridge can collect dust, grease and grim. Give it a good cleaning and lay a trash bag over top for easier cleaning next time.

Your dish drainer is a mildew and slime factory. Take it apart and give it a good scrub and dry fully. Cut down on the issues by spraying with vinegar when you clean the kitchen and start washing it regularly.

Around the house

Window sills and frames get ignored. The top of the molding can get really dusty and the tracks for the window frame can become a disaster. When you fling those windows open this spring clean them up.

Electronics. Ideally anything your family touches all day long should be disinfected. Grab an alcohol wipe and get your phone, remote control, game controllers, keyboards and everything else a good wipe down.

Light switches and door knobs are huge germ traps. Regular disinfecting can help you kill the germs off and keep your family healthy. A disinfectant pray and microfiber cloth is great for a quick run through the house.


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