5 Essential Steps to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

The life and beauty of your carpet depends mainly on the care it receives. Cleaning your mat takes a little knowledge involved in choosing the most appropriate method in cleaning it and the correct cleaning products. Proper cleaning of your mat will make it look great and extend its lifetime. It will also improve the quality of your indoor air.

Despite the relentless efforts to keep your rug clean, it will eventually fall victim to spills, drops, and accidents. Here are some of the essential ways to make your carpet last longer and look great.

Cleaning spots quickly 

Preventing spills from happening and ruining your carpet is a difficult task. However, one can be able to keep the spills from becoming stubborn stains. This is by making sure to clean a spill immediately, it occurs by sopping up any excess liquid spill and cleaning up anything solid.

This is very important because a spot found in a fabric can be easily oxidized into a permanent stain. It is also essential to note that a mat has delicate fabric and always removing the spill gently without scrubbing or rubbing will make it last longer and look beautiful.  

Try a simple carpet and upholstery steamer for cleaning up small spots right away. Steaming is a better option than full-fledged carpet cleaning that should be done no more than once every 6 months or so to avoid mold and mildew issues.

Professional cleaning 

Carpet warranties mostly recommend cleaning a carpet professionally every 18 to 20 months. There are different ways and methods for cleaning a rug professionally. The majority of people living especially in South East London prefer the methods used by South East London carpet cleaners to other cleaning methods provided by other cleaners.

When cleaning your carpet with a carpet cleaner or choosing a carpet cleaning professional you should take the time to make sure the carpet cleaning solutions you are using are both safe and effective. Try a natural carpet cleaner with enzymes designed to get rid of pet odors to ensure that all-natural odors such as stinky feet are removed.

Keeping dirt outside 

Many people have the habit of removing shoes when they get inside a house. This habit makes the carpet look new and better. Entry or welcome mats also cut down on dirt when you want to enter your home wearing shoes.

Dirt found on a rug eventually wears out its fibers and sifts down the backing. Surface soil also covers the mat, turning it into a dull color. This finally distorts its surface, making it look dirty and dull even after washing.  

Vacuum regularly 

It is very vital to vacuum the carpet frequently. Firstly, one should make sure that the vacuum cleaner is working properly. The bagless cylinder or the bag is supposed to be less than half full, the brushes should not be full of air or worn out and the belt turning the brushes should be tight.

For an average family, vacuuming should be done two to three times a week. More active families should vacuum their houses three to four times a week to help keep dust and dirt under control. Vacuuming should also use two to three passes in low traffic areas and four to six passes in high traffic areas. 

Rotating the furniture 

In taking care of your carpet, it’s important to keep your fibers looking clean and fresh by changing the position of the furniture after every few months. Squirming feet usually wear off the confined areas of the rug pile and bring about an accumulation of dirt on the backing. 

Developing a routine in cleaning and taking care of your carpet will make it long-lasting. Keeping a great routine will produce great results. People should also use cleaning methods that are safe for their pets and family members.

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