Advent For The Busy Mom

Usually, when I write about Mother Goose Time I just mention it in “Normal” posts but today I would like to bring focus to our Advent plans. Today is the first day of Advent and we are digging into the Experience God program from Mother Goose Time for December. We have recently under gone some big changes and I need all the help pulling off this next few weeks I can get. Mother Goose Time has LITERALLY saved my rear end. Not only does it have a bible program (optional add-on you can even buy on it’s own) the ENTIRE December theme fits perfectly with the season. From crafts to decorate to Christmas cookies all work of planning is done for me.

How our preschool program saved Advent

The weekly crafts took all of the stress on planning the Sunday activities to celebrate Advent. The candle project provided my 4 kids with just enough “candles” for Advent. Mother Goose Time Saved Christmas.

Advent for the mom with no time and energy

I mixed in paper Jesse Tree ornaments we are making with literal scissors, glue, glitter, and paper. Super easy and cheap. Not bad for a simple Stress-free Holiday season in the midst of craziness.


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