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The new Disney Aladdin movie was a hit in this house. Personally I think Will Smith did an amazing job in the role of Genie. Instead of trying to copy the classic Robin Williams character he made the role his own and rocked it. I personally loved the Fresh Prince feel of the “You Never Had a Friend Like Me” song. When the movie was over I went on a hunt for some cool gift ideas for the whole family.

This Jasmine Inspired Keychain makes a great DIY gift for your favorite grown princess.

When it comes to gifts for my kids I love to snag them Halloween costumes and dress upsets to they can enjoy some imaginative play. This is so important for child development. Dinsey came out with an entire line of costumes from the Live-Action Aladdin Movie so everyone can get in on the fun.

Christmas orniments make a great family traditon. When I was a littel girl we would get a new orniment every year. This Genie lamp ornament is perfect for the Aladdin fan to enjoy to mark 2019.

I am not a huge fan of screen time for kids. While we do watch TV and movies I love to have music on during the day rather than TV shows. The kids love soundtracks like this Aladdin Soundtrack that is fun and exciting to enjoy.

Everyone loves Mickey’s ears. These handmade Jasmin inspired Mickey ears are perfect for your Disney trip this holiday season or as a gift for your ears collector.

This Aladdin bed set would make the perfect gift for my sister. This Jasmine bedding set is growin up enough for teens and young adults making it a great gift for older girls.

Add this singing Jasmin doll to your child’s doll collection. It’s sure to be the Jasmine fans new favorite doll.

Have a tea party with your princess with this Jamsine themed tea set jsut like the one from the movie.

My girls love to play dress up and accessories are always a hit. This Jasmine dress up set comes with the bracelet form the live-action movie.

Does your little princess have her own princess themed bedroom? This Jasmine lamp would make a great addition.

This Genie lamp is so cool. I feel like it needs to come live on my mantle above the fireplace.

Hop on down to Build-a-Bear for this Genie Build-a-Bear before it is gone. You can snag them online for a limited time to ensure you get one as the stores go out of stock rather quickly.

Let your child dive into the fun sith this Dinsey Aladdin Lego Set.

Add a little magic to your teens bedroom with this Genie rug.

Prefer the classic Robin Willams Genie your gonna love this Genie Pop Figurine.

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Make your princess feel like royalty with this Jasmin inspired crown.

So this punny Aladdin Rug Life T-shirt makes a great gift for the teen boy that loves the Aladdin movie.

You all know that I just love simple things. This super simple customizable Aladdin keychain is just perfect for the minimalist on your list.

This heat-activated Genie coffee mug might just be the coolest mug for cozy winter nights.

This beautiful Aladin art print is perfect for the music lover on your list.

I am in love with this Free to Dream journal from Disney. I may need to get it for myself.

The little ones are not the only ones that want to dress up. My oldest is so in love with this Jasmine necklace from ETSY that it just needs to land in her jewelry box for the holidays.

These awesome Aladdin headphones are super cute I just love them. These have made it on my wish list for this year.

While this Genie doll is nowhere near as cool as Will Smith himself it is the perfect addition to the kids playsets. I love getting cool male dolls so my poor son can play with the girls without feeling like he is doing something too girly.

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