Breastfeeding with Confidence

I had my first baby in high school. Not an easy task. Attempting to breastfeed made the whole thing harder. Lucky me I had discovered Lily Padz one day while looking for a bathing suit at the local maternity shop in the mall. Reading the box I knew they were just perfect for me because I had to hide the unpleasant parts of motherhood from my classmates. Lilly Padz where a life saver. They gave me the ability to breastfeed with confidence, not leaks.

Breastfeeding with confidence

When I decided to do the Ultimate Baby Guide I knew I wanted to work with Lily Padz to help make life easier, and less embarrassing for new moms out there. When I sent them a message they were more than happy to work with me to bring your these breastfeeding with confidence tips.

Breastfeeding with confidence

Am I making enough milk?

When it comes to being a new mom you worry about pretty much everything. One big worry for breastfeeding mothers is whether or not you are making enough milk. While formula feeding moms can see how much milk baby is getting you don’t have measurement markings on your chest though I know it would be nice sometimes. Always questioning myself is one thing I really hate about breastfeeding.

Instead look for these cues on your milk supply:

  • Baby is content between feedings (cluster feeding in the evenings and during growth spurts is normal)
  • Baby is having a wet diaper at with at least each feeding.
  • Babies pee should have no color. Yellow is a sign of dehydration and low fluid intake.
  • If you can hear baby gulping and swallowing during feedings they are getting milk from your breast.
  • Baby is gaining weight. Even, slow gain shows your baby is getting milk. Sometimes babies rate of weight gain will jump then slow down, and repeat.

Don’t worry about

  • Cluster feeding at night or during major growth spurts
  • Breast leakage (not everyone leaks with every baby)
  • Number of poopy diapers (breastfed babies often poop less)
  • How much milk you can pump (your body responds better to your baby)
  • Your baby is using you as a pacifier (this improves milk supply but is not a sign of a low supply.)

Build a good support team

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Breastfeeding can be challenging and leave you frustrated. A great support team can go a long way to breastfeeding with confidence.

  • Enlist family and friends willing to help out while you spend a lot of time nursing the first few days.
  • Check your local hospital for a lactation consultant.
  • Join your local La Leche League for support of other nursing mothers.

Gather the right breastfeeding gear

The good news is times have changed and breastfeeding has gotten easier than ever thanks to great gear designed to make nursing a breeze. With a few basics, you can really breastfeed with confidence.

  • Breast pads like Lily Padz
  • Breast pump, storage, and bottles (if you plan to pump)
  • lanolin to help reduce pain and tenderness in the first few weeks.
  • Breastfeeding pillow to help position baby and keep you comfortable.
  • A nursing cover is great for out in public. Even if you plan to nurse uncovered those first few weeks can be tricky.
  • Nursing friendly clothing including bras and shirts that can be layered.


Lily Padz

What are Lily Padz and how can they help me Breastfeed with Confidence?

Lily pads are a medical grade silicone breast pad with a genital tacky surface that adheres to your skin applying light and comfortable pressure that stops leaks in their tracks. Unlike disposable or even cloth reusable breast pads, you do not have to keep changing them, worry about leaking past them, or deal with that annoying sour milk smell. You don’t even have to wear a BRA!

Lily Pads are great because they take the work out of caring for your nursing breasts. Unlike other options, they do not dry up the healing fluids your body makes to keep your nipples healthy while nursing or unwanted introduce bacteria to damaged nipples. Traditional breast pads just can’t say the same.

If you want to go green Lily Pads are a great option that keeps disposables out of the landfills and take less water and ashing than cloth options allowing you to feel good about how your choice affects the environment. Now that is breastfeeding with confidence.

The best way to get started with Lily Padz.

The starter set is your best bet. You get Lily Padz, Lily Wash for nightly washes, and Lily Wipes to toss in the diaper bag to clean and replenish the Lily Padz sticky surface on the go. You can add them to your Amazon Baby Registry, check local retailers, or order the starter set right from

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