Fashion Tricks For Curvy Women

Fashion is changing fast and more designers are working to make fashion flattering for girls with curves. After the accident this spring and having our youngest baby this summer I have discovered all of the discomforts of having curves I never did before. It didn’t take long to discover that I had to change things up a bit to feel good in my skin again. These fashion tricks for curvey women can be a total game-changer.

Fashion tips for Curvy Women

Don’t stick with loose and flowy. While it can be tempted to try and hive your curves when you don’t feel so great about them the fact is the harder you try to hide those curves the more you hide your bright vibrant self. Instead, look for clothes that highlight the best of your curves like your chest and hips while helping to draw attention away from a squishy midsection.

Find the right bra. So often curvy girls can find themselves wearing the wrong bra giving them bulges or leaving bands and straps digging. This can ruin nice clean lines of the cutest outfit and leave you feeling bulgy and less confidant when simply having the right bra can leave you feeling like a model.

Use shapewear to your advantage. Look for something that smoothes the lines of your midsection so you can look more polished in your clothes and feel great. I love how my shapewear tank top helps leave my tummy looking smoother under my clothes even when I sit down.

Don’t avoid skirts and dresses do to curvy thighs. Instead, try a pair of like the anti chafing shorts by Knix like Thigh Savers that hide seamlessly under your clothing but protect your thighs from chaffing when you walk. These even give you some modesty protection for when a form-fitting skirt rides up or a flowy skirt hits the wind. These allow me to wear my favorite skirts even when I know I will be walking all day long in the heat.

Don’t wear leggings as pants. While this is comfortable you want to pair leggings with a top that goes down to at least cover your thighs. This will allow you the comfort of leggings without showing lumps that can quickly kill your confidence when you see yourself in a mirror.

Pick the right shoes. As much as I love a strappy heel, but straps around the ankle are not a curvy girls friend. Not only do the straps show any swelling in your legs after a long day of walking and standing they also make your legs look shorter. Instead, look for a classic pump that will leave your legs looking longer.

Shop as your weight changes. Often when our bodies are changing we find ourselves avoiding buying new clothes that fit right. This can leave us feeling frumpy as our clothes become too loose as we lose weight or showing lumps as we gain. Having clothing that fits properly can help give you confidence an always leave you looking great all day long.

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