Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut Slow Cooker Recipe

What comes to my mind when I think of cooking with Apples are things like apple pie and other desserts but one of my favorite apple recipes is something a friend of mine’s mother made for me once, Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut.

Now I know this sounds terrible and some of you may say “oh sauerkraut? Yuck!” but once you try it this recipe will change your minds! I make this all the time and my husband hates sauerkraut and he eats it without a problem.

I can’t even stand the smell and trust me this is amazing! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?! I promise if you give it a chance you will love it!  Time to pull out the slow cooker and give it a try.

Crock-pot Recipe Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut

:: 1 lb. Polish sausage links
:: 3-15 oz. cans of sauerkraut drained and rinsed
:: 4-6 Small apples (I used Macintosh because it’s my favorite)
:: ¾ cup brown sugar
:: 4 Tbs. butter


:: Wash apples, core, and slice.

:: Drain sauerkraut and rinse really well. This step is key to get rid of the sour flavor.

:: Put sauerkraut, polish sausage, and apple slices into slow cooker

:: Sprinkle brown sugar on top of all ingredients.

:: Slice butter into half tbs. chunks and spread out over top of brown sugar.

:: Cover with lid cook 4 hours on high.

I love my slow cooker but…

Year-round my slow cooker is my go-to for cooking. With a larger family, I have bought a large slow cooker but they come in many sizes to fit your needs. If you prefer to not use a crockpot you can adapt this recipe by simmering on low for 2-3 hours on a back burner out of the way.

Do you like sauerkraut?

Perfect recipe for the person that hates sauerkraut

The sweet apple twist to sauerkraut makes this dish friendly for even the picky eaters… ahmmm… even husbands.  The smell is expertly hidden behind a favorite scent of the fall season and guests will not soon forget the time they tried something new at your house.

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