Host a Great Easter Egg Hunt

One of the things kids look forward to most about Easter is the Easter egg hunts. If your local area is not hosting one or if you just want to have a private Easter egg hunt with friends and family now is the time to plan so you can host a truly great Easter egg hunt.

Host your own Amazing Easter egg Hunt

It is Easy to Host a Great Easter Egg Hunt

Find a great location. While the park is a great place to host your Easter egg hunt you may find issues with it not being cleaned up for the season yet. An open field in a safe neighborhood is likely your best bet if you do not have a yard large enough to host your easter egg hunt. A day or two before your hunt is scheduled you want to gather a few volunteers to run a quick clean up. No matter how great the area trash is often left behind in the winter.

A great Easter egg hunt is all about the EGGS. If hosting for an organization, school, or church look at your budget and see how many eggs you can buy. Run a stuffed Easter egg drive your main location so people can get in on the fun and take some of the stress off of you. If hosting for friends and family ask everyone to bring stuffed Easter eggs to the event. This will build up your collection fast and not leave you alone stuffing hundreds of eggs. Don’t forget the Non-candy Easter Egg Fillers.

Large easter egg events are even more fun with a few BIG prizes that do not fit inside an easter egg. If the budget allows stuffing a few eggs with prize tickets. Even dollar tree prizes up the excitement.

Are you ready for a great Easter egg hunt?

When hosting and Easter egg hunt for a large group where the hunt will need to happen in waves you can cut down on boredom and trouble that comes with it by offering inexpensive outdoor toys for play. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, and jump ropes are all low cost at your local dollar store and will keep kids busy for hours.

When hosting an Easter egg hunt that includes toddlers it is handy to set up an area roped off just for the little ones to do their Easter egg hunt without worrying about being run over by older children or not getting any eggs because they are slower to pick up on what they should be doing.

For a really great event gather together a high protein potluck to combat the sugar overload, Some music, and plenty of good company for great Easter egg hunt you will want to do year after year.

Encourage everyone to dress up and bring their own baskets. These cute Easter bonnets and Bunny ears crafts are a great frugal way to dress up.

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