Must do Spring Projects for your Home and Garden

Oh, how I love spring. The fresh warm air, the bright pops of color returning to the world around us, and that feeling that everything is fresh and new makes life so much better after a long gloomy dark winter. I love spending time prepping the house and garden for the warm weather in the last few weeks where the weather is warm but could turn at any moment. Can you say snow in April? Yeah, that happens in Michigan. Here are the top spring projects for your home and garden.

spring home and garden project list

Spring projects around the home

The garage is one of those dump all locations all winter long. Somehow it ends up packed with mystery items you even forgot about. Give the garage a good cleaning and earn some extra cash by hosting a garage sale to get it all cleaned out.

Grab the scrubbing bubbles and give the lawn furniture a good scrub. You will be so glad to have a nice area set up to spend relaxing spring and summer evenings. If you are looking to do some fun updates now is the time to dive into freshening up your patio set.

Pull out the grill and make it shine. Performing basic maintenance on your outdoor grill sets you up for a great summer. Give grates a nice long soak in a bag full of ammonia tied tight overnight before wiping clean to get the grime off easy. This is my favorite trick for making cleaning the stuck on gunk from the grill easy. Follow will a throw washing. Throughout the season the grates can be freshened with lemon juice and a scraper.

Give your garbage cans a good scrub down. Some Pine-sol and an old broom go a long way for this. Cleaning your garbage cans will get rid of pests and odors that can put a damper on your warm spring days.

Let the sun shine in by giving windows a fresh scrubbing. Inside you can get them sparkling with simple vinegar and water.  For the outside, you can add outside just 1 cup dawn and 8 ounces jet dry in one-gallon water to your pressure washer to clean outdoor windows without streaks.

Give your home foundation a check. As spring rains come in you may notice crack in your foundation caused by winter ice. Give your foundation a good inspection to catch these issues before you find them the hard way. If you have sump pump for your basement now is the time to deal with maintenance of the machine.

Must do Spring Projects for your Home and Garden

In the garden

If you don’t have your own compost bin going yet now is the time to get it started. We love using a tumbler style compost bin because it keeps critters out of the compost and makes turning it easy. The food scraps from the kitchen and yard waste from spring clean up will break down into fresh compost perfect for making your garden thrive.

Get those seeds started indoors now so they can grow nice and strong before they head outside into the garden bed. Getting seed started early means you will see blooms and produce faster this spring.

Get your garden beds ready for the season. Add your amendments, turn in organic matter from your yard and get them ready for your plants before it is time to move your seedlings to the garden. Stop by your local Starbucks for free coffee grounds, add in all those egg shells from peeling easter eggs, and mix in your children’s banana peels. your garden will thank you.


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