Fun Ideas for a Candy Free Easter Basket

Easter is such a fun and sweet time. Warm spring weather moves in and we are ready to celebrate. Sometimes the sweetness of the season is overwhelmed by the sweetness of treats served, stuffed into baskets, and consumed by children who may or may not have the best ability to control themselves after copious amounts of sugar. A great way to combat this issue is to give your child an Easter basket without candy Here are some great alternatives.

Buidl a great candy free Easter basket

Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas

A spring outdoor play basket is my favorite. We replace the traditional basket with a shovel and pail or a garden tool bag. This is means the kids will get a lot of use from their “basket” throughout the spring and even into the summer.  Add in fun things like chalk, bubbles, frisbees, sunglasses and basically any other fun outdoor play items you can find at your local dollar tree.

A beauty basket is perfect for your little princess. Pack a cute and functional basket instead of a traditional Easter basket with fun beauty items. Hair ties, headbands, and new shampoo and conditioner is a great option for any age. Teens would love some cool trendy makeup and your tween would just squeal over her own collection of nail polish.

Have a sports fan in the house? A duffle bag to take to practice makes the perfect easter basket. Stuff it with a cooling towel, water bottle, a sports watch, and items your child needs for the sport they play. You get to give your child a great practical Easter basket without candy and they get the items they need for the sport they love. Everyone wins.

Need ideas for a fun candy free Easter basket? these are just perfect.

Candy-Free Family Easter Baskets

How about a basket for your own movie marathon? A big popcorn bin from the local dollar tree makes a great basket, Add cheap DVDs, a Netflix gift card, or a gift card to the local movie theater. Add some popcorn, and other healthy movie snacks for a Family Movie Night Easter basket.

Another great family Easter basket idea would be a family game night basket. A large bowl, some popcorn and healthy Zevia soda make great candy-free game night snacks. Grab plenty of new board games for the whole family and dive in for a relaxing family Easter at home.

When planning a candy free Easter basket the key is to look for practical items your children will love. Not only do you reduce their sugar intake you give them a basket that tells them that you know them well enough to create an Easter basket just for them.

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