Substitutions For Oil In Brownies

To have moist chewy brownies you need a quality oil or oil substitute and eggs or an egg substitution. While most brownie recipes and mixes will not tell you that you can substitute the oil and eggs this is an option that is both healthier and a great way to save money as the price of these baking staples continues to skyrocket as we move into the baking season.

These substitutions for oil in brownies will help you whip up amazing brownies even if you have run out of oil or you are trying to make healthier substitutions in the kitchen.

Why is oil so important in brownies?

Oil is a vital component in brownie recipes that provides both the structure and affects the flavor of the brownies. Without oil, your brownies will have a cakey texture rather than a moist brownie texture and can end up being too dry to enjoy.

When substituting the oil in your brownies you want something like a fruit puree that will provide the necessary structure while adding vital moisture to your brownie recipe. 

Why should you substitute the oil in brownies?

Brownies are often made with a lot of oil to give them a thick chewy texture that we all truly love about brownies. There are a few reasons you may choose to substitute the oil in your brownies like looking for a healthier alternative in the kitchen. Making healthy substitutions in the kitchen is a great way you can work to help improve your family’s health. 

You may have simply run out of oil or you are looking to save money on the price of cooking oil a valuable commodity that is often imported. Substituting the oil in your cakes and brownies is a great way to leave the oil for things that can not use a substitution. Try these substitutions for vegetable oil to help save money and reduce your oil intake in your home. 

Substituting the oil in your brownies is a great way to upgrade your boxed brownie mix to make something fun and unique by changing up the flavor a bit. This works particularly well with things like bananas or pureed berries

Simple substitutions for oil in brownies


My favorite substitution for oil in brownies is to use avocado. Not only is this going to give you the same texture you know and love it also is an amazing way to give your family a healthy fat that works amazingly in chocolate.

The strong flavor of the chocolate brownies will hide the flavor of the avocado and your family will never know that they are getting a healthier treat. Even my picky husband doesn’t catch on to this swap. 

To use avocado in your brownies as a substitute simply mash your avocado as smooth as you can get it. A few lumps are not a big deal as long as they are small. This is a great use for overripe avocadoes you may normally throw away because e of the browning. The brown simply makes it easier to hide your avocado. Use in a 1 to 1 ratio the oil in your recipe. 


Banana is a classic option for using

to add structure to baked goods from muffins and cakes to brownies. Banana is good for you because it is packed with potassium and other great nutrients but it also makes a wonderfully sweet addition to your brownies. When using bananas in brownies you may end up with a classic chocolate-covered banana flavor depending on how strong your chocolate is. 

Use mashed bananas in a 1:1 ratio to substitute for oil in your brownies. For the best results use overripe bananas that are both easier to mash or puree and have a sweeter flavor though even fresh will get the job done. I prefer to use over-ripe ones when I buy bananas by the case for things like this before preserving my overstock of bananas


When I was a little girl my best friend’s grandma taught me the trick to use applesauce in marked goods like brownies and cakes as a substitution for oil. This is a classic money-saving tip so many people have put to use in the home for generations. Not only can use apple sauce as a substitution for oil in cakes but also in your favorite brownie recipes. 

Using apple sauce in your brownies will give you a more cake-like brownie than a chewy one but if this is what you are looking for it is perfect. Try using cinnamon-flavored apple sauce for a fun exotic twist. 

To use this substitute for oil in brownies simply swap with the oil cup for cup or for a less caky option swap out half the oil rather than all of it. 


When it comes to cooking and baking butter is one of my favorite ingredients. The flavor is rich and improves the overall flavor of your baked goods. Butter is my favorite option for things like chocolate chip cookies. While it has more of water content than oil you can use it as a substitute for oil in your brownies. 

Because butter adds a richer flavor it is a great way to hide the fact you started with a boxed mix. Simply swap melted butter for oil in a 1 to one ratio. You can buy butter on sale and freeze the butter for later use.

Vegetable purees

Vegetables like fruits make a great option for using as a substitution for oil in your brownies. While avocado, bananas, and apples come to mind when you are looking for a substitution for oil these are not your limitations.

Vegetables like carrots, squash, and pumpkins all work wonderfully as a substitution for oil in your brownies though these do that a bit more work by cooking and pureeing.

If you have vegetable baby food you can use those for a quick and easy swap that is perfect for hiding vegetables from picky eaters. 

Make this healthy swap in a cup for cup swap. 

Greek yogurt

When it comes ti simple healthy substitutions, greek yogurt is one of the best. This healthy high protein yogurt is thick and creamy to help give your brownies structure. The high-fat content of full-fat greek yogurt translates well to baked goods. 

Use in a 1 to 1 ratio in your recipes for a healthy substitution that makes your fun sweet treats like brownies just a little bit better for you. For the best results use an unsweetened and unflavored variety but a berry variety can give your brownies an interesting kick of flavor. 

Cream cheese

Cream cheese is high in fat and makes a great baking substitute. This one will drastically change your brownies to a cheesecake-flavored brownie that is absolutely decedent.

This creates a fudgy, brownie that will have everyone talking at the dessert table at the next family gathering or holiday party. This is a great way to use up frozen cream cheese to hide the change in texture.


If you are looking for a quick and easy yet rich substitution for oil in your brownie recipes you can give Mayo a try. Mayo is made mostly of olive oil which will give your brownies the richer moist and chewy texture you love. This will also add just a hint of tangy richness that will make your brownies stand out. 

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