10 Fresh Uses For Oregano

If you are debating what herbs are worth growing in your garden this year you may not want to overlook the classic oregano. There are many great uses for oregano ranging from helping out in the garden to boosting the immune system and adding a touch of the unexpected to dinner there are bound to be some great ways for you to use oregano in your home.

For this post, I mean real oregano. Not the other “herb” that my mother was screaming over when our house burned down as a kid. While that herb would work for some of these uses it wouldn’t taste nearly as good. When planting oregano don’t shy away from trying a new verity. I for one am looking for a Mexican verity to add to my garden beds out front.

Amazing uses for oregano

1. The Immune boosting properties of oregano

In addition to its immune-boosting properties, oregano also kills germs. Oregano is added to livestock water to keep them healthy without using chemical antibiotics. This herb is great for feeding your family when they need an immune boost or help to fight off a cold.

Adding this to soothing homemade chicken soup is a great idea for when your family is sick. Oregano is a great addition to any medicinal herb garden.

2. Classic in Italian cooking with oregano

Pasta and pizzas are often seasoned with oregano, an Italian classic. Oregano is a classic in Italian dishes like marinara sauce and pizza. Any tomato sauce would benefit from the addition of oregano.

This is a classic ingredient in Italian seasoning mixes and a big part of pretty much anything my Italian husband cooks like this Sweet N’ Zesty Garlic Barbecue Sauce he made by adopting his uncle’s recipe to take the flavor up a notch.

3. Add oregano to your fresh-baked herb bread

Oregano blends well with basil and thyme in herb bread. Simply sheared these three herbs fresh and kneed right into your favorite homemade bread recipe. Herbed bread is a great addition to harvest celebrations or simply to use as a way to make your favorite meals more filling.

4. Oregano and garlic-infused olive oil

The combination of oregano and garlic makes a delicious infused olive oil. Infuse olive oil with oregano and garlic and keep it cool and dark for a couple of weeks. Strain and store in a dark air-tight glass container for cooking.

This is the perfect addition to roasted potatoes, eggs, and pasta. You can use this to add flavor to meats out on the grill to help trap in some of the moisture as well.

5. Herbed butter with Italian herbs

Herbed butter can be made by adding oregano, basil, thyme, sage, and other favorite cooking herbs to softened butter and allowing the flavors to blend.

Use herbed butter for serving with things like homemade bread and biscuits or for cooking fresh poultry or fish for a simple way to add a savory flavor. Herbed butter is often a favorite for frying up potatoes or scrambling eggs with a dash of flavor.

6. Oregano infused honey

You can make oregano honey by infusing it with fresh herbs. It’s perfect for brushing over fresh homemade bread or adding a sweet twist to your favorite savory sauces. Herb-infused honey is a great way to add a unique flavor profile to things like tea or biscuits.

7. Oregano tea

Brew a tea made of oregano, this is perfect for soothing headaches. When brewed into a tea, oregano, which belongs to the mint family, can reduce headaches. Start with a mild brew and work your way up to a stronger flavor. This can taste better when added to a simple mint tea with a little honey.

8. Companion plant oregano in your garden

Oregano is a great herb for repelling unwanted insects from your garden. Oregano companion plants well with several other plants including peppers in the garden helping to repel nearly anything that is not naturally repelled by papers themselves helping to give these plants a quality balance in the garden.

9. Summer salads with a dash of fresh oregano

Oregano plants older than three years or that have been allowed to bloom before harvest have a less flavorful taste. This oregano and the blooms it produces are still useful. Their milder flavor is a great addition to summer salads.

10. Add flavor in unexpected places

While it is well known that you can serve with savory chicken, beef, lamb, and pork dishes for a delicious salad dressing or marinade. There are a lot of other fun places to add the flavor of oregano like my favorite steakhouse onion chips that use a good dash of oregano to help spice up their flavor. Try fresh oregano in place of lettuce on your sandwich or cheeseburger for a new and interesting flavor.

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