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My little sister and I are diving into a diet together. Now I and fully healed from the accident I figure it is time I get back into shape. We decided what better time than when there is a big challenge starting and we can have a ton of support. To help us on our journey we are using several supplements. These supplements have been proven to help with losing weight and helping keep your body in tip-top shape.

1 Up Nutriton 8- Week Challange

First, if you want to know what we are doing check out the 1 Up Nutrition 8 week challenge. This amazing supplement company hosts this challenge 4 times a year giving away a total of $200,000 to participants so if your health is not enough of a reason to dive into changing your life this would be a good way to get yourself motivated.

I have been using this brand for a couple of years including during my journey to heal really damaged muscles from chest to back. I love this brand because they do not hide any of the ingredients they use which is so important for people like me that suffer from food allergies. I can trust that I know what is in the supplements as well as how much of everything is in them so I can decide if each product is right for me.

Most of the items listed here are available from 1Up Nutrition and I defiantly recommend them. In this post, most will be linked to options from Amazon because of the affiliate links I can use because these links help earn for my family. If you want to check out the options from 1 Up Nutrition click here.

Supplements you need for healthy weight loss

These supplements work together to help keep your body healthy and encourage it to let go of excess weight easier than ever. If you find that you struggle to lose weight these supplements can help.

A quality multi-vitamin

While you may be thinking the first listed here would be a diet pill the truth is the best supplement you can take for weight loss is a simple quality multivitamin.

If your body is not getting the nutrition it needs it will be more likely to hold on to fat for survival. When you are giving your body everything it needs it feels triggered by the abundance to let go of its excess storage rather than hold onto it for times of lack.

Choose a quality multivitamin with a high dose of as many essential nutrients as you can find. This will help you even if you have the perfect diet because depleted soil leaves foods we buy now with less nutrition than they used to have. If you have been working hard to lose weight and not seeing change this may just the ticket.

Vitamin D3

I have always been a singer of the praises of Vitamin D. It can heal your body and help it be willing to get rid of excess by tricking your body into thinking it is summer and food is plentiful. Vitamin d3 will lower your hunger levels and encourage your body to burn fat.

A pre and probiotic

Gut health is vital for losing weight. Even more so when you are looking to lose inches in your midsection. Helping to make and keep your gut health can help you lose inches off your midsection, reduce bloating, improve yoru skin, and just make you feel healthier. Look for a supplement with both pre and pro-biotics for the most benefit.


CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been proven to help increase fat metabolism and helps keep your body from storing fat in your diet as fat on your body. Most studies show that this is only effective for the first 6 months and that you won’t see results for about 3-4 weeks.

This supplement makes a great addition to your diet if you are looking to burn off fat from your midsection such as the dangerous visceral fat that leads to the risk of heart disease and other health conditions.

We were first introduced to this when my husband was in the ARMY as a way to help him keep his midsection in shape for weight and tape. Back then we used a brand called AB Cuts that has some added ingredients though now I look for something that is straight up CLA for a higher dose.

A fat burner

While many people have great success losing weight without a fat burner this is a great way to increase your metabolism and help to give you better results quicker. This simple supplement option is a great way to give you a leg up. These do often contain caffeine so you may need to adjust your diet a bit to not be taking in caffeine at the same time unless you already have a high caffeine tolerance.

Protein shakes

As great as it would be if you could easily get all of the protein you need every day from your diet this can be next to impossible for most people that are working on toning muscle and burning fat. Eating enough protein will help your body become leaner and help to reduce pain and speed recovery after workouts.


I really like the Amin.o BCAA supplement option for during the day. It has added electrolytes and caffeine to help give me energy during or after a workout and the texture is decent when you mix one scoop to a full bottle of water. A serving is two scoops so this also helps to get to your water goal for the day.

1 Up Nutrition has a wide range of flavors with doses specifically designed for men’s and women’s dosage needs if you are looking for something more spechilized.

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