Uses For Magic Erasers

I love Magic Erasers. These simple cleaning tools are great for removing stains, scuffs, and even the toughest messes around the house. These are great tools for making everyday cleaning easier and when it comes to deep cleaning in the spring they help get tough areas that are often forgotten to look like new. 

What is a Magic Eraser made of?

Magic Erasers are made of melamine foam. This is made of formaldehyde–melamine–sodium bisulfite copolymer. While these are safe and non-toxic they are abrasive and should not be used on your skin or left in child’s reach as they are not good for kids to eat. 

Melamine foam is the same foam used for flower arrangements. It holds water suspended helping to keep the flowers alive. These break down quickly while cleaning and in turn break down quickly in the environment. 

Uses for Magic Erasers

There are many great ways to use magic erasers around your home to help keep it clean easier than ever. 

Get crayon marks off of walls

In the same way that WD-40 is a lifesaver for parents of young children who like to take their artwork from the page to the wall, magic erasers are a lifesaver for their parents.

You can use magic erasers to get into the pores of the paint and easily remove crayon marks on your walls. For even more effective results, spray your Magic Eraser with WD40 and let it sit for a few minutes before you use it. WD 40 will break down the oil and wax in the crayon to make it easier. 

Clean your shoes

The rubber soles of shoes tend to get very dirty, very easily. White shoes in particular. If you want to keep your shoes looking great you can use a magic eraser to remove scuffs and marks. 

Simply dampen the Magic Eraser and rub over the surface of your soles and even the leather topper of your shoes to make them shine like new again.

This is a great trick for cleaning up kids’ shoes to keep them in good shape. It also allows you to clean them up before putting them away to pass down to another child in the family. 

Clean mildew off your shower curtain with a magic eraser

The bottom of your vinyl shower curtain may have mildew or mold on it. When it comes to shower curtains, this is a common issue. Washing them can be difficult because the pattern of the curtain to be destroyed when it is thrown into the machine. 

The good news is that you can simply use a magic eraser to completely remove the blemishes from your shower curtain, leaving it looking new in just a few minutes.

To do this lay your shower curtain out on the floor and scrub it down until all mold and mildew is removed. For particularly difficult shower curtains you can use some scrubbing bubbles to loosen it up. 

How to clean mugs that have coffee stains on them

If you are a coffee drinker, then you know and understand how annoying it is to have coffee rings and stains build up in your favorite mug over time. 

It is a good thing that the tiny fibers present in Magic Erasers make them an excellent tool for removing the stains that work their way into the pores and scratches in your porcelain mugs via the pores.

To make your coffee mugs look like new again scrub them out with a magic eraser after soaping in hot water for a few minutes. 

Clean leather and vinyl surfaces with a magic eraser

Vinyl and leather surfaces tend to be scuffed pretty easily due to their surface texture. This can become a big issue for keeping your home looking its best. 

Fortunately, these surfaces can easily be cleaned with a Magic Eraser using a Magic Eraser. The Magic Eraser will be able to remove any scuff marks on any surface without damaging the surface.

After cleaning use a leather protectant. This will help keep your leather in good shape and make it last longer. We use a magic eraser to get marks off my husband’s vest and our leather jackets as part of our cleaning process because it works better than the leather cleaner on tough spots. 

Remove sticker residue

With the help of a damp Magic Eraser, you can easily remove the residue left behind by stickers and labels on anything from items you purchased at the store to jars you plan to reuse. Small grits like these can do the trick when it comes to gripping and removing sticky substances that hold labels in place.

For stubborn labels rub on a little oil or WD40 and let sit for a bit before you use the Magic Eraser to clean away the sticker residue.

Make your stovetop shine

It is easy for stovetops to get dirty, and the baked-on messes on them are nearly impossible to clean. Even with cleaning regularly, we find that the areas around our burners can get pretty bad after cooking and serving food like pasta sauce and soup from a pot on the stove.

The good news is that Magic Erasers are usually able to handle even the toughest stovetop messes in a matter of minutes. While we work on the top we spray the grates with easy off and toss them into the oven on low to make them easy to clean.  

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