Cleaning Tricks Using Fels Naptha Soap

Fels-Naptha soap is a great option for helping to clean your home and save money doing it. If you want a list of great uses for Fels-Naptha check out THIS POST but if you are looking for some quick and easy tips to use Fels-Naptha for cleaning your home you want to stick around here so I can show you a few simple tips and tricks for a cleaner home using Fels-Naptha Soap.

Keep in mind that in this is just one of many great ways to save money and make sure your family’s needs are being met in today’s unstable economy. Finding tips and tricks like this can help you prepare for a recession or prepare for a depression.

Where to buy Fels-Naptha Soap

Before we dive into tips and tricks of cleaning with Fels-Naptha soap we need to have a quick chat about where to buy it. While you can find deals on Fels-Naptha from time to time on Amazon, particularly with the subscribe and save deals they hold it’s likely best to shop for Fels Naptha locally. Walmart usually has these and Zote Soap bars for under $1 in the laundry aisle.

Tips for using Fels-Naptha soap for cleaning.

While many people will use the Fels Naptha soap bar for cleaning directly with the bar by rubbing it onto a sponge or scrub pad I find the easiest way to use this very hard soap bar is to grate some of it with a cheese grater. We keep one just for soaps and such to help prevent having soapy cheese.

Mix the grated soap into warm water to make the bar soap into a liquid soap. This is easier to spread, use for scrubbing, and even dilute more and make into a sprayable liquid for quick and easy cleaning. A single bar can make many bottles of all-purpose spray cleaner.

Cleaning tips using Fels-Naptha Soap

There are many great areas around your home you can use this soap to get a deep clean with less scrubbing and save money at the same time.

Clean Your Toilets Using Fels Naptha Soap

The toilet is often a harder to clean part of the home but Fels-Naptha soap can help clean it and keep it clean longer. Start by making your own liquid soap by mixing grated Fels-Naptha with warm soapy water to create a thick goo-like cleaner. Pour this into your toilet and use your scrub brush to scrub it clean.

Take the remaining part of the bar and cut it into large chunks. Place a chunk into the back tank of your toilet like you do toilet cleaning tabs. The soap will resolve and break down dirt and grime in your toilet with each flush. Clean your toilet and replace the chunk at least once a week.

Make your own floor cleaner with Fels Naptha

Using Fels Naptha to clean your floors is a great way to make the most of your budget. Floor cleaners can be expensive and often take a lot to be able to get up the dirt and grime that comes from kids or pets running in and out all day long.

Mix some grated Fels Naptha Soap into a large mop bucket of hot water until resolved. Then use this mixture to wash your floors before giving over them to again with clean hot water. This will leave your floors spotless even getting up dried mud.


Fels Naptha is a strong cleaner that is great for breaking down tough messes. When mixed with a nice gritty powder you can get some great results on touch spots like grout. Grate off some Fels Naptha and mix with a small amount of hot water.

Add in enough baking soda or kosher salt to create a thick paste. Use this paste and a drill scrub brush or even an old toothbrush to bring your home back to its original color. After cleaning away the mixture if the stains are completely gone consider resealing your grout.


Cleaning out your shower is easy with Fels Naptha. The strong suffercants in Fels Naptha make it a great option for breaking down soap scum. Mix grated Fels Naptha with warm water until dissolved then mix this with equal parts white vinegar for a soap scrub-busting bathroom cleaner.

Trash cans

Clean and deodorize your trash cans with Fels Naptha. Using the usual technique of touring grated Fels Naptha into a strong liquid leaner you can scrub and rinse out your trash can leaving it fresh and odor free. Cut off a chunk of soap from the bar and leave it at the bottom of the trash can before adding your bag to help fight off odors.


Dissolving a bit of Fels Naptha into war4m water makes a great wall cleaner that will help remove all of the grease and grime left from dirty hands, odors from cigarette smoke, and even remove crayon from the walls like WD40 and Magic Erasers can do it you do not have either of those on hand.


The stove tends to get covered in stuck-on dirt and grime very easily. The good news is that you can use a thick paste of Fels Naptha, baking soda, and vinegar to make a cleaner that will easily clear away stuck-on food and other messes from your stovetop.

Use Fels Naptha to clean your oven

Ovens are hard to clean and to get the job done you need a strong and effective cleaner. Fels Naptha is a great option for clearing away old baked on food from your oven. Make a paste of grated Fels Naptha, coarse salt, and just enough water to turn it all into a paste. Rub This mixture all over your oven and let sit for 30 minutes before using a wet scrubber or drill brush to scrub away the dirt, grime, and baked on food. This will even break down burnt on oil.

Clean your stainless steel with Fels Naptha

Dilute a small amount of grated Fels Naptha into warm water to make a very thin solution similar to a window cleaner. This can be used with a microfiber cloth to clean and buff your stainless steel to the perfect shine.

Other Uses for Fels Naptha Soap

Many people do not realize that you can use Fels Naptha for other things than just cleaning your house. Here are some more tips for using Fels Naptha.

Using Fels Naptha to treat poison ivy

While I do not recommend that you use Fels Naptha directly on your skin on a regular basis because it can be very drying you can use Fels Naptha to help remove the oils from poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac that leave behind a nasty itchy rash that only spreads if the oil is not completely removed.

Use Fels Naptha Soap for acne

While Fels Naptha can be very drying and irritating to the skin it is great for clearing away acne because it dries it out. A great way to do this is to make a thick paste of Fels Naptha, water, and baking soda to dab with a Q-tip onto your acne spots. While some will recommend washing your whole face with Fels Naptha this can dry out your skin and accelerate signs of aging.

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