Simple Ways To Use Up Cream Cheese Before It Goes Bad

In today’s economy, we can not let food go to waste. Not only does it cost more but finding what you need or want in-stock can often be a game of grocery roulette. If you find yourself lucky enough to have an overabundance of cream cheese that is fast approaching the use-by date here are a few great ways to use up a package of cream cheese.

Before I talk about recipes to use up your overabundance of cream cheese whether it be received from a food bank or giveaway or you overstocked when there was a good sale the first option you should consider is freezing. You can freeze cream cheese for cooking later though you may discover that freezing cream cheese will likely change the texture a lot making it best for cooking afterward.

Ways to use cream cheese

The best way to use up extra cream cheese is to take the time to cook with it. These can be simple dishes that your family loves for everyday meals to special treats around the holidays. Recipes using cream cheese can be frozen and warmed up when you are ready to use it.

Creamy mashed potatoes are one of our family’s favorite ways to use up a package of cream cheese. When the potatoes cook on the stove we will run cream cheese and butter through the mixer to help smooth it out and remove any lumps to make mixing into creamy potatoes easier.

Creamy mac and cheese is made the creamiest possible by adding cream cheese. Mac and cheese is a classic for everything from Thanksgiving dinner to summer cookouts making this a great way to use up cream cheese when while making a dish to bring to feed a crowd. Using cream cheese you bought ons sale a while ago is a great way to lower the overall cost of the dish while making sure non of that healthy fat in your cream cheese goes to waste.

My Sloppy Cheeseburger recipe is great for using up cream cheese to give it the creamy cheesy texture I love but also a great way to use up the extra cheeses that are all oven in the refrigerator. This tends to happen a lot more than id like to admit and using it up helps top prevent food waste.

Cream cheese frosting. While I am a stickler for a flavorful classic buttercream frosting a cream cheese frosting has a certain tanginess that is essential to some of my favorite fall treats like homemade cheesecake or spice cake. Cream these frosting is easy to make and holds it shape well.

My husband’s favorite way I use up cream cheese when it is coming up on the end of its lifespan in my stockpile is when I make cheesecake. I love super easy cheesecakes like this 5 minute cherry cheesecake but sometimes I make a good old-fashioned cheesecake using some of the cream cheese I got on sale from the last sale. Pairing sales with coupons on sites like ibotta is a great way to help make building my stock and feeding my family more affordable.

Ham rolls are a common dish served at family holidays when we were kids growing up. Probably the only part of the holiday besides perogies with dad that we looked forward to honestly. These are simple to make by spreading down a layer of cream cheese onto a piece of ham lunch meat and rolling it up. Sometimes we would add green onions.

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